Winter 2021: Where are we now?

Music in the time of the pandemic. Is it safe to play? Or is it a political statement if you're out gigging right now vs hiding at home quarrantining? Or are we supposed to carry on as musicians to give this world something worth living for, let the artists make their art, please! I dont have the answers, and I completely look forward to 5 years from now when we can look back on this time with some perspective and hopefully...answers. 

With that said, its been an interesting journey to keep pursuing this hobby, both with the current state of the outer world, and my inner world with a new baby. I just saw that Shovels & Rope released a children's album, which made me laugh, because I get it. When you have a baby all your songs are at their whim, and if they are your only audience member then you start playing only things that they might like, which vastly changes your repertoire. So, since not much brand new material is coming out of me at the moment, I've been going through the past and shining up some dull pennies cast astray. Digging up bones. Following old ideas. Also, entered in to my life is new friend Aaron Campbell, who has so far produced the music to A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes and Its Christmas Time (You're All Mine) ...a truly talented soul. Looking forward to more collaboration in the future! 

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